Squeeze That Lemon!

As far as sex toys go, there is no shortage of options on the market. Certain items stand out because of their ergonomic shape, and some, for their surprising versatility. For others, it’s quite simple: everything is there!


Can Bad Sex Get Better?

Sometimes it happens: sex between two people starts off grand and then, unexpectedly, it becomes less satisfactory. What happened? Did sweetie lose his great lovemaking skills? Are we no longer sexually compatible? Are we in a rut? These are some of the questions one may wonder about.


Porn, Reinvented

Are XXX movies not really your thing? We can’t say we blame you. Stereotypical scenarios (so redundant, too!), harshly lit sex scenes and positions that are (let’s be frank) unrealistic for most of us: it’s hard to get excited, and to find the style that suits you.


4 ways to cleanse your body on the regular

Have you overindulged lately? Or, perhaps, you’ve found yourself eating out on most days of the week? Whatever the reason, much like our closets or our office spaces, our bodies can also benefit from a thorough cleaning from time to time, to rid it of toxins and get it running like new


OPI Falls for Grey

We can’t get enough of OPI. And we love the label even more since hearing about its latest idea, which we’re sure you’ll find rather seductive.