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Can Bad Sex Get Better?

Sometimes it happens: sex between two people starts off grand and then, unexpectedly, it becomes less satisfactory. What happened? Did sweetie lose his great lovemaking skills? Are we no longer sexually compatible? Are we in a rut? These are some of the questions one may wonder about.


How to Have a Sexy Holiday Season

Although the holiday season is filled with fun, for most people, it can turn into an incredibly stressful time. For many couples, it’s all about finding the right moments in your busy schedule to get more intimate. With a little planning, you can find your own little ways to make holiday sex sizzling hot!


Are You Overspending On Romance?

We all know matters of the heart can be treacherous—from casual dating to a full blown relationship, falling in love can take a real leap of faith. However, while you may be open to the emotional risks posed by amour, have you taken into account the effect it can have on your wallet?


Does a Longer Relationship = Less Sex?

So, you’ve been in a relationship for five years, and you’ve noticed you are in a sexual rut. Cue the couple next to you, together for three months and can’t keep their hands off each other. Is there something wrong with you? Should you be having sex more often?


Sex After Pregnancy

Will pain during intercourse and a lower sex drive be a problem following the birth of your baby? Sexologist Anne-Marie St-André demystifies the most common myths about sex after childbirth.


Alternative Approaches to Sex + Love

Western society is built on the principles of monogamy. For as long as we can remember, our lives have mirrored this very concept, as we, as well as those before us, lead romantic lives according to the notion that one person, “the one”, can satisfy our sexual and emotional needs during our lifetime.