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Can Bad Sex Get Better?

Sometimes it happens: sex between two people starts off grand and then, unexpectedly, it becomes less satisfactory. What happened? Did sweetie lose his great lovemaking skills? Are we no longer sexually compatible? Are we in a rut? These are some of the questions one may wonder about.


Porn, Reinvented

Are XXX movies not really your thing? We can’t say we blame you. Stereotypical scenarios (so redundant, too!), harshly lit sex scenes and positions that are (let’s be frank) unrealistic for most of us: it’s hard to get excited, and to find the style that suits you.

3 Sex Toys for His Pleasure

3 Sex Toys for His Pleasure

The adult marketplace: it is as varied as it is intriguing! With materials as lifelike as can be and surprising features, there’s no doubt about it: technology is truly at our service, ladies. Indeed, there seems to be virtually hundreds of techno-erotic toys made specifically for her, but what of adult accessories for our male counterparts?


Achieving Better Orgasms

Orgasm is an important part of sex, but some women may not achieve as many or have them as often as they would like. We’ve got seven tips to heighten arousal and spice up your sex life.

So You Want to Talk Dirty…

So You Want to Talk Dirty…

Sex: it’s more than just a bodily experience. Aside for lingering touches, the power of one’s voice and words can also play a role in turning your man on. Have you mastered the art of talking dirty?


5 Reasons to Say “Yes” to a Quickie

There are days when you want the whole shebang: holding your lover close, kissing and caressing each other, and exchanging sweet nothings all night long. And then, there are other times when you’re in the mood for a faster, more intense encounter.

Debunking 3 Sexual Myths

Debunking 3 Sexual Myths

Whether between friends during GNO or pillow talk with sweetie, when it comes to sex, we are either very private about it, or simply don’t hesitate to open up when need be! We occasionally have questions, and get as much information as possible, but between opinions and facts, we must admit that we aren’t 100% certain on all matters of sex


Mimic that Post-Sex Feeling

When enjoying a healthy sex life, we are usually riding the happy-train. Why? Sex helps release endorphins, our body’s natural mood-boosting chemical. But what happens when we’re not getting any?


Mindgasm: How to Think Yourself to Orgasm

The elusive orgasm: it fascinates its fair share of women! We analyze it from every angle, we look for ways to reach it faster and more intensely whether solo or with a partner. But is sexual climax necessarily a genital thing? Did you know that certain people can achieve orgasm by just thinking about it and without any physical contact?