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BDSM: It’s Not Just in Fiction

Thanks to the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM isn’t just a lifestyle reserved for a special, select group. Now the idea of tying up a partner, being tied up or adding a little fun ‘punishment’ to the bedroom is taking the public by storm.


Morning Wood is More Than Just That

It’s just a fact of life that you’re going to roll over in the morning and see the sheets tented. ‘Morning wood’ is something that we don’t even try to explain; it just happens and no, it’s not always because he was having a sexy dream.


Sexual Fantasies, Decoded

Some take place in public restrooms. Others involve you and your best friend in a sweet and lust-filled embrace. The most salacious ones have you tasting forbidden fruit, and enjoying every bite of it without guilt.


4 Positions to Boost Your Sex Life

Whether it’s sexual preference or frequency, every couple has its own habits when it comes to intimacy. However, it is generally agreed that imagination can be a great asset those who want to keep the flame burning.


5 Things He’ll Love in Bed

Even though your beau is perfectly content with what goes on between the sheets, who doesn’t enjoy a little experimentation? After all, letting the heat slowly (but surely) rise, isn’t that hotter?


Can Bad Sex Get Better?

Sometimes it happens: sex between two people starts off grand and then, unexpectedly, it becomes less satisfactory. What happened? Did sweetie lose his great lovemaking skills? Are we no longer sexually compatible? Are we in a rut? These are some of the questions one may wonder about.


Porn, Reinvented

Are XXX movies not really your thing? We can’t say we blame you. Stereotypical scenarios (so redundant, too!), harshly lit sex scenes and positions that are (let’s be frank) unrealistic for most of us: it’s hard to get excited, and to find the style that suits you.

3 Sex Toys for His Pleasure

3 Sex Toys for His Pleasure

The adult marketplace: it is as varied as it is intriguing! With materials as lifelike as can be and surprising features, there’s no doubt about it: technology is truly at our service, ladies. Indeed, there seems to be virtually hundreds of techno-erotic toys made specifically for her, but what of adult accessories for our male counterparts?